The 6 Best Baby Bibs to Buy in 2023

January 2, 2023

What are best baby bibs on Amazon in 2023?

Once you have a baby there’s something that you’ll come to realize immediately, babies are messy! Especially when they eat. Food and liquids are spilled everywhere by the time lunchtime is over, your kitchen will look like a battlefield.

But fear not as bibs are to the rescue. Bibs have to be the most necessary baby product out there (well right after diapers of course!). You’ll soon discover that no matter how many bibs you have they are never enough – your baby will use multiple bibs every day.

There are tons of different types of bibs out there including waterproof bibs, silicone bibs, cloth bibs, disposable bibs, smock-style bibs, you name it! As always, it falls on us to review the most popular bibs that are available on Amazon and curate a list with the best bibs for 2023.

Top 6 baby bibs of 2023

  1. Happy Healthy Parent Silicone Baby Bibs
  2. Hudson Baby Drooler Bibs
  3. Bumkins SuperBib
  4. TheAZBaby Baby Bandana Drool Bibs
  5. Simple Joys Teething Bibs
  6. Vuminbox Baby Bandana Teether Bibs

1) Happy Healthy Parent Silicone Baby Bibs

What we liked

The Happy Healthy Parent silicone bib is hands down the best bib of 2023. It comes in packs of two in two different vibrant colors to help stimuli your baby’s developing vision and it’s made from 100% food grade silicon.

Why are we excited about this bib? Because it’s super easy to clean it. Being made from silicon, means that it’s waterproof, it doesn’t stain and it doesn’t need to be put in a washing macine to be cleaned. All you need is some soap water, wipe it clean and it’s good to go.

It also has a big wide pocket at the end to catch any food that’s spilling saving saving you from the hassle of cleaning up the floor every time. On top of everything it’s dishwasher safe.

2) Hudson Baby Drooler Bibs

What we liked

The Hudson Droller Bib is another beloved bib among new and seasoned parents. It’s made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester and it’s machine washable. Simply wait for a day’s worth of bibs, throw them in the washing machine and voila, you have a brand new batch ready.

You can buy them in packs of 10 so you’ll never run out. They come in different colors and with various patterns to keep your baby engaged and entertained. They are high quality and durable.

3) Bumkins SuperBib

What we liked

The Bumkins SuperBib is designed for babies from 6 to 24 months old. They come in packs of 3 and they are machine washable. There are several different beautiful designs for you to choose from.

Bumkins Superbib is made from polyester which adds to its durability and features a handy crumb catcher at the front to minimize the mess of dropped foods. Because it’s made from polyester with a TPU coating, smaller stains can be conveniently wiped clean; for anything more significant you’ll need to throw them in the washing machine.

4) TheAZBaby Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

What we liked

The AZBaby bandana drool bib is made from super soft 100% organic absorbent cotton to keep your baby mess-free!

We especially liked the fleece back which will keep your baby dry no matter how much she drools which makes this the best bib for teething babies (you’ll soon find out that teething babies drool a lot!). You can adjust the snap to fit your baby from 0 to 24 months old. The snaps are strong so the bib will never fall off.

5) Simple Joys Teething Bibs

What we liked

Another excellent machine washable bib specially designed for teething babies. The Simple Joys teething bibs are made from 100% cotton, features three different layers with a waterproof lining so that they will absorb all the drools and keep your baby dry and happy.

They come in packs of 7 and there are two different design assortments for you to choose from.

6) Vuminbox Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

What we liked

The Vuminbox baby bandana bib is made from 100% organic cotton that’s super absorbent. The back features a fleece layer to keep your baby dry.

The great thing about these bibs is that they come with a teether accessory which is attached to the end of the bib. This is the ultimate teething bib as it combines an actual teether to soothe your baby’s sore gums. The bibs come in packs of 6 and there are two different designs available.

Sandra McNeil, PhD.
Sandra McNeil, PhD.

Sandra has over 13 years of experience as a child psychologist, both as a practitioner and researcher. She has a Bachelor's in child psychology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and then she did her master's in Psychology in Education (focused on Children & Families) at Columbia University, NY. She has been writing for health and child-related publications for over 5 years now.

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