What’s The Difference Between a Baby Crib and a Bassinet?

What’s The Difference Between a Baby Crib and a Bassinet?

Deciding what you should purchase for the nursery of yours can take on overwhelming proportions. Do you actually require a changing table? What is the importance of a rocking chair? Does the purchase of a swing merit the space that it occupies?

However, among the most vital decisions that you’ll require making regarding nursery furnishings is picking the place where your baby is going to sleep.

Infants spend a great part of their time sleeping, and thus your little one is going to use up much time in the sleeping space of theirs! Moreover, looking after the safety of your baby even as they are fast asleep is a key consideration with any newborn.


What is a Baby Crib?

A baby crib is usable for any newborn baby as an alternative to a cot. This is despite several parents having a preference for a cot/cot bed right from the onset. These two have several similarities, the key difference between crib and cot is longevity.

Coming to the question of whether you must buy a cot or crib, the key reason why a cot is preferred over a crib are:

  • Modifiable mattress height: This is going to allow you to make the mattress lower with your baby growing such that he/she is unable to ascend out of the cot by himself/herself.
  • A single sliding railing: This lets you make the cot’s railing on a side lower, thus facilitating the taking out of the baby from the cot again and again when he’s feeding recurrently as an infant.

Apart from the above factors, cots can have wheels at the base. Such wheels facilitate the moving of your infant about the residence while not disturbing his sleep. Moreover, it facilitates cleaning beneath the cot.


What is a Bassinet?

A bassinette or bassinet or cradle is nothing but a bed exclusively for infants from the time they are born to the approximate age of four months. These are typically designed for working with set legs/casters, even as cradles are normally designed for providing a rocking/gliding motion. Following four months, babies are frequently relocated to a crib/or cot.


Difference between Baby Crib and Bassinet

Though cribs and bassinets can both make secure sleep options for an infant, there is many a key difference between a crib and a bassinet.

  1. Among these the most apparent is size. With a crib occupying a great deal more room compared to a bassinet, bassinets can be easier for a smaller residence. Their lesser size is also what adds to the portability of bassinets.
  2. Moreover, numerous bassinets feature a hood or cover that you’re free to tug over as the baby is asleep.
  3. A Bassinet is also simple to use for numerous parents. A crib has sides that are a great deal higher compared to a bassinet. Thus, placing down your infant and lifting him up could be hard, particularly for those recuperating from an intricate birth / a cesarean delivery. A bassinet has sides that are shorter compared to your arms, and thus you will have no difficulty in laying your infant down with no need for bending over.
  4. Then again, Cribs are usable for a much lengthier time. Some of these are even convertible to tot beds and can have a lifetime of.
  5. Bassinets come with weight limitations and are usually of use for the first small number of months of the life of a baby.
  6. A Crib is typically pricier compared to a bassinet also. However, due to it lasting longer, the overall investment would be lesser on you going straight for the crib. But, in the event of you not having much money for investing straight away, a bassinet would be a better choice. Given that the bassinet will not last more than some months, you would still require purchasing a crib afterward. However, what this does is let you extend the charge of nursery furnishings over time and not purchase it all ahead of the arrival of your baby.
  7. Finally, some parents merely fancy a bassinet for artistic reasons. In spite of cribs being safe for infants, they can have a stripped and uncomfortable appearance, particularly if you stick to the suggested rules and avoid the usage of pillows /blankets. Bassinets are smaller and snugger and thus don’t appear as stripped and large for an infant.


Regardless of you choosing a crib/bassinet, ensure that the bed of your infant fulfills the latest safety benchmarks. The mattress of your baby must be hard, even, and undressed, and the amount of space separating the mattress from the periphery of the bed must not be more than two fingers. If the bed of your baby features slats, make sure that they aren’t over 2 3/8 “spaced out. This is for ensuring that the head of your baby is unable to fit among them. Even if it feels as if a great decision at present, the dissimilarities between bassinets and cribs are typically ones of individual preference.

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