What Baby Furniture Do You Really Need?

Wondering what baby furniture and accessories you really need for your newborn?

Are you expecting your bundle of joy? If ‘yes’ then congratulations! Bringing a child to this world is a joyful and an ultimate experience for parents.

You may be excited about the baby shower party, buying baby furniture, decorating the room of your tiny tot, buying toys and many such things.

Parents, who are expecting their first child, may be clueless about what baby furniture to buy. Before you move towards the nearest furniture store, anticipating your would-be son or daughter, it is important to do some research online.

As your baby will spend its maximum time using items like baby cribs, changing tables or a baby high chair, you need to make sure that the pieces you buy are the best.

What are the benefits of using baby furniture?

Baby furniture is a necessity and not a luxury. The good thing is that baby furniture has become affordable and there is a huge variety available on the market.

Why you need baby furniture

  • Some must-have nursery items help in feeding the baby and changing nappies. If you use the right changing table, you will not have a backache. Bending down at least 15 times to change the nappy everyday can damage your back
  • You and your baby will enjoy utmost comfort by using a proper and comfortable baby crib and high quality crib mattress. You baby will have a safe and relaxing sleep
  • Nursery baby furniture can also improve the appearance of your home and add a playful design note

What baby furniture and nursery items do you really need?

Prepping your home for the baby is both exciting and intimidating. A variety of baby furniture is available online. Now there is no need to worry wondering “what baby furniture should I buy?”

We have come up with a comprehensive list of baby furniture to buy. Below you will find the must-have nursery items:

  • Baby Crib: This is the most important item to have in the nursery. Various kinds of baby cribs are available. You may choose a convertible crib that comes with a drawer, changing table, desk and a built-in-table and some convertible cribs can turn into full size beds, growing with your baby. Discover the top 10 baby cribs of 2020
  • Toddler bed: Babies grow up unbelievably quickly and it won’t take long that your baby will need to make the transition to a toddler bed. A toddler bed (which you can keep for more than 10 years) will be a definite must-have later on. Read our list of the best toddler beds of 2020
  • Baby chair: Babies are really well versed in eating and sleeping and they eat several times a day! An ergonomic, safe, and sturdy baby chair will make your life easier and feeding your baby a breeze while ensuring its safe in a proper upright position when eating. Browse the best baby chairs of  and the best baby high chairs of 2020
  • Proper bed and bed sheets: You must have multiple sets of sheets available at all times. You may cover the mattress pad with the crib sheet and then layer a second crib sheet to make it easier to clean and save the mattress in cases of “accidents” which you’ll have plenty!
  • Crib Mattress: If possible consult with your paediatrician to suggest a quality orthopedic mattress. Discover the 10 best crib mattresses of 2020
  • Waterproof cover: This is the mattress pad you need to keep safe the baby mattress. Most cribs come with their own pad or at least have a recommended brand and specifications.A waterproof outer cover will make cleaning a breeze
  • Diaper supplies: This is one of the chief essentials you’ll need. You may choose between disposable diapers or cloth diapers. You can never have enough
  • Infant dressers: A dresser will hold the cute clothes of your baby. There is no need to have an extensive wardrobe if you use an infant dresser. Look for a dresser that comes with a slide-out changing table, space for keeping the wipes and creams as well as other various accessories and toys to save space
  • Functional changing tables: Buy functional and back-saving changing table to change your baby and avoid back pains.
  • Baby swing: Much smaller than a baby crib and much more flexible and portable. Babies fall asleep much easier as well and you can keep them by your side at all times

Above is the list of everything you need for a baby nursery. But, your nursery checklist is still not complete. Other items to acquire include a baby monitor, plenty of baby clothes, burp clothes, diaper disposal system, toys, and a bouncy seat.

Some more baby furniture you can consider

Wondering what more to buy for the nursery? A rocking chair could become very handy especially if your baby cries very often; a rocking chair has been known to soothe crying babies. Rockers and gliders make a great addition to the baby nursery.

Never forget

Measure the space where nursery furniture will be placed. Prior to making purchases, you should also create your nursery checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Everything you need in a baby nursery can be found online in marketplaces like Amazon. Do not do impulsive shopping and always do the necessary due diligence and market research before.

The brand you are choosing equally matters. Look for reliable brands as you cannot take any chance with the safety and well-being of your baby. Paying a premium for “Made in the USA” products is well worth it.


With over 7 years experience in baby cribs, nursery furniture and essentials we strive to bring you impartial and unbiased reviews of the best baby furniture and accessories.

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