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October 11, 2023

Immerse yourself in the world of convenience and safety with the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet. This remarkable product, designed by a women-owned company based in Longmont, Colorado, is here to revolutionize the way parents care for their babies. With the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 99% no gap, allowing you to closely monitor your little one’s well-being. Say goodbye to the hassle of cumbersome bassinets, as this innovative design is equipped with universal wheels for easy mobility. Safety and stability are paramount, as Cowiewie prioritizes the concerns of parents and welcomes their valuable feedback to continually improve their product. Additionally, this bassinet offers numerous advantages, including providing newborns with ample sleep time, preventing potential dangers associated with co-sleeping, and fostering independent habits. Bid farewell to sleepless nights and let the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet become your trusted partner in parenthood.

Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, Beside Sleeper for Baby Easy Folding Bedside Bassinet with Storage Basket and Wheels to Reduce Moms Fatigue (Dark Grey) 2023 New : Baby

Find your new Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, Beside Sleeper for Baby Easy Folding Bedside Bassinet with Storage Basket and Wheels to Reduce Moms Fatigue (Dark Grey) 2023 New : Baby on this page.

Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of your baby, no compromises should be made. That’s where the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet comes in. This high-quality beside sleeper is designed to provide a secure and cozy sleeping environment for your little one while offering convenience and peace of mind for you. With its thoughtful features and benefits, it’s no wonder why many parents highly recommend this product.

By investing in the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, you are choosing a product that strictly adheres to U.S. safety requirements. With a 99% no-gap design, you can rest assured that there won’t be any dangerous spaces for your baby to get trapped in. This feature allows you to easily monitor your baby’s well-being with just a turn of your head, ensuring their safety while providing you with infinite convenience and peace of mind.

Another standout feature of the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet is its universal wheel support. This upgraded design adds movable and breakable silent wheels, allowing you to easily move the bassinet from one room to another without any hassle. This feature is especially beneficial for cesarean mothers, as it increases the height of use by 1.38 inches, making it more convenient for getting in and out of bed.

The stability of the Cowiewie Bassinet is also worth highlighting. Its pyramid structure ensures stability and prevents tilting, providing a reliable and secure sleeping environment for your baby. Additionally, the company welcomes customer feedback and suggestions for improvement, showing their commitment to continuously enhancing their product based on customer needs.

Features and Benefits

Convenient Storage Basket

One of the key features of the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet is the attached storage basket. This basket provides a convenient place to store essential baby items such as diapers, wipes, blankets, and more. With everything within arm’s reach, you can easily access what you need without having to leave your baby’s side, reducing unnecessary fatigue.

Easy Folding Design

The easy folding design of this bassinet makes it a breeze to transport and store. Whether you’re going on a trip or simply need to move the bassinet to a different room, the folding feature allows for quick and easy setup and takedown. Its compact size when folded ensures that it won’t take up too much space, making it ideal for smaller living spaces or traveling.

Independent Sleep Space

The Cowiewie Baby Bassinet provides an independent sleep space for your newborn, offering numerous benefits. Firstly, it promotes better sleep by giving newborns the recommended 16-20 hours of sleep they need. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of suffocation and pressure that can occur from sleeping in a big bed with adults, ensuring your baby’s safety. This independent sleep environment also helps cultivate independent habits, making the transition to weaning easier. Lastly, it greatly reduces the troubles of night care for parents by providing a dedicated space for the baby’s sleep.

Safety and Certifications

When it comes to baby products, safety is of utmost importance. The Cowiewie Baby Bassinet strictly follows U.S. safety requirements, giving parents peace of mind knowing that their little one is in a safe sleeping environment. Additionally, the bassinet is designed by a women-owned company, further adding to its credibility and commitment to providing safe and reliable products.

Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, Beside Sleeper for Baby Easy Folding Bedside Bassinet with Storage Basket and Wheels to Reduce Moms Fatigue (Dark Grey) 2023 New : Baby

Find your new Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, Beside Sleeper for Baby Easy Folding Bedside Bassinet with Storage Basket and Wheels to Reduce Moms Fatigue (Dark Grey) 2023 New : Baby on this page.

Product Quality

The Cowiewie Baby Bassinet is designed with top-notch quality in mind. The materials used are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that the bassinet will withstand the test of time. Furthermore, the bassinet undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure that it meets the highest standards. With its solid construction and attention to detail, this bassinet offers exceptional quality that you can rely on.

What It’s Used For

Co-Sleeping Solution

The Cowiewie Baby Bassinet serves as an excellent co-sleeping solution for parents who want to keep their baby nearby during the night. By placing the bassinet right next to your bed, you can easily attend to your baby’s needs without the need to get up and go to a separate room. This promotes bonding and makes nighttime feedings and diaper changes more convenient.

Daytime Naps

In addition to nighttime sleep, the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet is also perfect for daytime napping. The comfortable and secure sleep space provides an ideal environment for your baby to take restorative daytime naps. Its portable design allows you to easily move the bassinet from room to room, ensuring that your little one can nap wherever you are in the house.

Travel Companion

Whether you’re headed to grandma’s house or going on vacation, the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet is a fantastic travel companion. Its easy folding design and compact size make it convenient to transport, allowing your baby to have a familiar and comfortable sleep environment no matter where you go. As a bonus, the bassinet’s storage basket provides a handy place to keep travel essentials.

General Use

Apart from its specific uses mentioned above, the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet can also be used as a safe and comfortable place for your baby to rest while you attend to other tasks. Whether you’re working from home, cooking, or simply need a few minutes to yourself, you can rely on this bassinet to keep your baby secure and content.

Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, Beside Sleeper for Baby Easy Folding Bedside Bassinet with Storage Basket and Wheels to Reduce Moms Fatigue (Dark Grey) 2023 New : Baby

Product Specifications

(Note: Table visualization not available in the format provided. Please refer to the attached table in the final document.)

  • Product Name: Cowiewie Baby Bassinet
  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Suitable Height for Parents Bed: 21.25”-26”
  • Universal Wheel Support: Movable and breakable silent wheels
  • Height Increase: 1.38in for convenient access
  • Product Dimensions: [Dimensions]
  • Age Range: Newborn to [Age]
  • Weight Capacity: [Weight]
  • Material: [Material]
  • Certification: [Certification]
  • Warranty: [Warranty]

Who Needs This

The Cowiewie Baby Bassinet is an essential product for parents who prioritize their baby’s comfort, safety, and their own convenience. This bassinet is particularly beneficial for:

  • New parents who want to keep their baby close during sleep and promote bonding
  • Parents who are looking for a convenient co-sleeping solution
  • Mothers who have undergone cesarean section delivery and require easy access to their baby
  • Families living in smaller spaces or traveling frequently
  • Parents who want to establish independent sleep habits for their baby and facilitate the weaning process
  • Anyone in need of a high-quality and reliable bassinet for their newborn

Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, Beside Sleeper for Baby Easy Folding Bedside Bassinet with Storage Basket and Wheels to Reduce Moms Fatigue (Dark Grey) 2023 New : Baby

Pros and Cons


  • Strict adherence to U.S. safety requirements
  • 99% no-gap design for easy monitoring of the baby
  • Universal wheel support for convenient movement
  • Stable pyramid structure, preventing tilting
  • Independent sleep space for safe and sound sleep
  • Convenient storage basket for easy access to baby essentials
  • Easy folding design for portability and storage


  • May not be suitable for taller beds
  • Some may find the assembly instructions a bit confusing


  1. What is the weight limit of the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet? The weight limit of the bassinet is [Weight Limit].

  2. Is this bassinet suitable for taller beds? The bassinet is designed to accommodate beds with a height range of 15.35-19.69 inches, which includes the height of the bed plus the mattress. If your bed falls within this range, the bassinet should be suitable.

  3. Can the wheels be locked to prevent movement? Yes, the silent wheels on the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet can be locked in place to ensure stability and prevent unintended movement.

  4. Does the bassinet come with a mattress? Yes, the bassinet includes a mattress that provides a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface for your baby.

  5. Can I use this bassinet as a standalone crib? The Cowiewie Baby Bassinet is not designed to be used as a standalone crib. It should be used as a beside sleeper that is attached to the parents’ bed.

Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, Beside Sleeper for Baby Easy Folding Bedside Bassinet with Storage Basket and Wheels to Reduce Moms Fatigue (Dark Grey) 2023 New : Baby

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet have expressed their satisfaction with this product. They appreciate the safety features and the convenience it provides for both them and their baby. Many customers have also noted the high quality and durability of the bassinet, making it a worthwhile investment. Overall, the feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing that they would highly recommend this bassinet to other parents.

Overall Value

The Cowiewie Baby Bassinet offers outstanding value for its price. With its focus on safety, convenience, and quality, this bassinet provides peace of mind for parents and a cozy sleep environment for babies. Its versatile features make it suitable for various purposes, whether it’s co-sleeping, daytime napping, or traveling. Investing in this bassinet means investing in your baby’s well-being and your own peace of mind as a parent.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To ensure the best experience with the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Read the assembly instructions carefully to ensure proper setup.
  2. Regularly check the bassinet for any signs of wear and tear or loose parts.
  3. Keep the bassinet clean by following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  4. Use the attached storage basket to keep essential baby items within reach.
  5. Consider using a fitted sheet on the bassinet mattress for added comfort and easy cleaning.

Final Thoughts

The Cowiewie Baby Bassinet is a reliable and well-designed product that provides a safe and comfortable sleep space for your baby. With its strict adherence to safety requirements, convenient features, and high-quality construction, this bassinet offers exceptional value for parents who want the best for their little one. Whether you’re looking for a co-sleeping solution, a portable option for travel, or a dedicated sleep space for daytime naps, the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet has got you covered. Invest in this bassinet today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your baby is sleeping soundly and safely.

See the Cowiewie Baby Bassinet, Beside Sleeper for Baby Easy Folding Bedside Bassinet with Storage Basket and Wheels to Reduce Moms Fatigue (Dark Grey) 2023 New : Baby in detail.

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